What is Video Poker?

Video Poker is an arcade version of the classic card game, but with some differences. When you think of Poker these days, you probably think of Texas Hold’em, and the tournaments you have seen on television. However, there are other variations of Poker around, and many of them are very popular and enjoyed by millions.

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The Best Casinos for Online Poker

If you’re a fan of Poker, you’ll already know just how many great online Poker sites there are. In fact, you can visit any online casino, or Poker site, and find that they offer online Poker. With so much choice it’s kind of hard to actually narrow it down and understand which are the best ones to choose. Surely all casinos offering online Poker are the same, right?

Well, that’s not really the way it works, and you’ve got to understand that some casinos have better perks than others. Where you’re hunting for the right casino for online Poker, you’ve got to make sure you choose casinos that are Poker oriented. So we have come up with a list of some of the best casinos out there offering online Poker. Make sure you try these out when you’re looking at making your way in the online Poker world.


One of the top casinos for online Poker is Bet365, and we would certainly recommend this to anyone. The casino allows you to download the Poker software to your desktop so you can play it anytime without having to visit the full casino again. It also has an attractive and fun layout, one that can be accessed across all devices and platforms. One of the biggest highlights of Bet365 and their Poker setup is the different rooms they offer. Not everyone who plays online Poker has megabucks, and that’s okay! Here you can play games with stakes ranging anything from £0.02 to £50.00. So, there is the perfect setup to accommodate players of all abilities and skill levels, and the casino all has an awesome Poker tournament tab as well.

Vera and John

If you’re looking for a wide range of video poker then you can’t really go wrong with this UK casino. Vera and John have plenty of different poker games for you to try your hand at (excuse the pun). Once you get bored of poker, you could also give their live casino a try for the real Las Vegas experience or try your luck with some of their slot games. There’s plenty to do here and it doesn’t all just revolve around poker, which gives you plenty of variety.


888Poker is considered by many to be the best online Poker casino in the world. And we would certainly rank it on a par with Bet365. If you love for online Poker, then this is the site for you. Here you can enjoy fast and loose games, plenty of action, and frequent Poker promotions. It is the third-largest Poker site in the world, and that’s one of the reasons behind its appeal and influence. You need to check out just how awesome the software is at 888Poker, and how much it enriches your playing experience.


The world’s largest Poker site is also one of the finest Poker sites in history. If you want the full, immersive Poker experience, this is certainly the site you need to be involved with. There is an incredible variety of games on offer here, and it’s perfect for those who want something a little different. The site also has links to professional players, such as Liv Boeree, and Daniel Negreanu. But you don’t have to be a professional Poker player to find a home here, and there is something on show for everyone here.


If there were a Most Improved Player award for Poker casinos, PartyPoker would certainly be the one to claim it. There are loads of great cash games and tournaments to take advantage of here, and the software really helps make the casino look awesome. It is one of the fastest growing online Poker sites, and it can accommodate over 100,000 players with no issues because the server is so powerful. The website also hosts the flagship tournament PartyPoker Million, and it’s a site you need to sign up for as soon as you possibly can.


The Differences Between Offline and Online Poker

You have to understand that some games are different when you play them online as opposed to offline, and Poker is one of these. There are so many aspects involved in playing Poker, and it can get a little convoluted. It’s also important that you understand there are online and offline forms of Poker. These are ostensibly the same, but there are a lot of differences to consider between offline and online Poker.

If you are to fully understand the game and have a degree of success, you’re going to need to make sure you differentiate. You will have to play Poker differently online to how you play it offline. So we’re going to tell you a bit about how each one works, and why there are distinct differences.

Online Poker

The more accessible of the two forms of Poker these days is online Poker. You don’t need a table, chips, a living room, or even friends to play with. You will find everything you need online, and that’s important. Pretty much every single casino online offers some form of online Poker. And this can be enjoyed at the casino itself, or through downloadable desktop software. There are so many different tables, price ranges, and tournaments you can enjoy when you want to play online Poker.

Online Poker doesn’t allow players to see or study their opponents, and this makes it harder to figure out what they are trying to do. That’s why it becomes much more important to study their betting patterns and the way they play particular hands. In many ways, you have to concentrate more when you’re playing online Poker. But, it also means your opponents have to do the same, and this allows you to be unpredictable.

Offline Poker

Offline Poker is considered by many to be the purest form of the game. A group of people sat around a table, in a darkened room, trying to psyche each other out. This is the essence of true Poker and the sort of thing that a lot of players still need to experience. There’s something about being able to look other players in the eyes and sense their expressions and figure out their gameplay.

The problem is, of course, that you have to be on the money with what you’re doing and how you’re reacting as well. You will also need to organise and arrange group sessions to allow you to play. You won’t have the luxury of simply opening your laptop and playing. Organisation and timing are key with offline Poker, and this can make it a trickier prospect than online Poker. Nevertheless, purists will tell you that offline Poker remains the pinnacle of the game, and that’s why we still have offline tournaments.

understanding texas hold em

Understanding Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is one of the most fun and exciting games you can play. It is probably the ultimate form of Poker and the one that is played the most out of all forms of Poker. If you have ever played online Poker, the version you will have played is Texas Hold’em. If you want to get into the Poker game, you need to understand how Texas Hold’em works.

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different types of poker

What Are the Different Types of Poker?

We all know how popular and important Poker is, whether you’re playing in a casino or with your friends. It is one of the most fun and exciting casino games, and certainly one we would recommend. The best way to enjoy Poker and get the most out of it is to understand the different types of Poker out there. If you want to flex your gambling muscles, you should understand the different variations of the game.

There are a lot of different variations of Poker out there. One of the original and best-known forms of the game was Five Card Draw. In more recent years, Texas Hold’em has become the best and most popular form of Poker, and one that people enjoy in casinos across the world. But, there are more forms to explore as well, and these are some of the different Poker variations out there.

Texas Hold’em

The popular version of Poker has become almost universal now as the ultimate form of the game. In Texas Hold’em, players are dealt two hole cards each, and then there are five cards dealt into the middle. Players have to try to make the best five-card hand they can, using at least one of their hole cards. There are ten hands you can get in Texas Hold’em, the best being a Royal Flush, and the worst being a High Card. It’s the rounds of betting that’s really spice things up in Texas Hold’em, as well as the 4th and 5th cards being revealed late in the game. This is one of the most enjoyable and exciting forms of Poker we’ve seen, and no doubt one you will have experienced before.

Five Card Draw

This is one of the oldest forms of Poker and the sort of game you see being played in saloons in Western movies. The idea of Five Card Draw is that you get the best possible hand you can, but it works a lot differently to Texas Hold’em. In this version of Poker you will be dealt five cards, then you have the opportunity to change any of those five cards (all of them if your want), one time. After making this change you can then bet again, and then the hands are revealed. The idea is to have the best hand you possibly can, and use the change to try to facilitate this.


Omaha is a game very similar to Texas Hold’em, in fact, the game is also sometimes known as Omaha Hold’em. The exact origin of the game is unknown, and it is more of an unusual form of Poker. A slight variation on this game is that in Omaha players are dealt 4 hole cards, and there are 5 community cards. The way to win open this game is to make the best possible hand using exactly two hole cards, and exactly three community cards. So it is a little more difficult than Texas Hold’em, and this adds an interesting dimension to things. Omaha is one of the most challenging forms of Poker, and this might be a reason why it is not played as universally as the likes of Texas Hold’em.


The Beginners Guide to Playing Poker

Poker is the King of card games. Forget what you think you know, or what people might tell you about Blackjack. When it comes to card games, it’s very difficult to beat the appeal and allure of Poker. One of the main reasons why Poker is such a popular game in and out of casinos worldwide is because of the skill aspect. See, almost all casino gambling games are based solely on luck, but not Poker.

No matter what variation of Poker you choose to play, there is always strategy and tactics you can use to help you. This is appealing because it means you can be in control of your own fate. People like the fact that they came make informed choices and use their ability to have success. But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so it’s time you learned a little more about Poker as a beginner.

Understand the Hands

The first, and arguably most important, part of Poker is always about understanding the hands. You have to make sure you know the different hands you can get, and where they rank in terms of powerful hands. Once you understand this, you will be able to start planning the way you play in order to get specific outcomes. Do you know your ‘Two Pair’ from your ‘Royal Flush’? Do you understand what the term Pocket Aces means? There are 10 winning hands in Texas Hold’em, and it’s important that you familiarise yourself with all ten, and figure out how they work. This is the first step on the road to becoming an accomplished Poker player.

Be Methodical When You Bet

One of the most important parts of Poker is betting. Not just how much you bet, but the way you bet. You can discover so much about a player by the way they bet and the pattern they have to their betting. So, it’s important to make sure you are methodical when you bet you need to know as much as you can about betting and how to do it effectively. You have to make sure you fold weak hands and only go in with strong hands. It’s also important to mix up how aggressive your betting is so you don’t telegraph the sort of hand you might have. You have to be calculated when you bet and be very precise about every decision you make otherwise you’re going to find it difficult to achieve much success.

Perfect Your Poker Face

You’ve heard the term Poker Face before, and now you get to work on yours. Your Poker Face is the way you react to things and the facial expressions you make during a game. What you have to remember is the fact that your opponents are going to be reading everything you do during a game, and you should be doing the same to them. But, because of this, it’s essential that you work on making sure you have a great Poker Face. This is going to be important when it comes to helping you be a more difficult player to read. When your opponents are unsure what you’re doing, it is much more difficult for them to beat you.



Prize Pool: €20 700
Date: February 10th – March 4th
The race starts February 10th 00.01 CET and ends March 4th 23.59 CET

How to participate in the Challenge race:
To participate in the challenge race, send an email with your username and the subject “Challenge February” to Dont forget that you only are allowed to start with €3,000 if you want to avoid deductions of points in the race!

1. Players are allowed to use €3,000 in the poker wallet without any deductions of RRP*
2. If a player transfer more then €3,000 (or start with more) to the poker wallet he will have deductions of 250 RRP everyday after the transaction above €3,000 was made. (Example. A player start with €3,000 and on the 20th day of the race he transfer another €1,000 to the poker wallet . Now the player will be deducted 250 RRP all remaining days. (5 days in this example and a total of -1000 will be deducted from the player.)

Double RRP every Monday and last day of the race, dates: 14th, 21st, 28th of February and 4th of March

*RRP = RakeRace Points

Place Prize
EMOP ticket €1100
EMOP ticket €1100
EMOP ticket €1100
EMOP ticket €1100
EMOP ticket €1100
EMOP ticket €1100
EMOP ticket €1100
EMOP ticket €1100 + €1000