Poker School Introduction

Welcome to the hands down best poker school on the world wide web. You can rest assured that this is not some ill-conceived and poorly executed attempt at teaching poker. This is the real deal. Theory and application walking hand in hand. Rules, theory and applied strategy are all discoursed upon in that very order. The poker school starts out at the most basic level and progresses to more advanced levels page by page. At the end of the poker school you will know Texas Hold’em like you know your own pockets. You will know it well enough to make a living off of it.

The poker school is divided into seven distinct parts. In the first four parts we outline the fundamental rules and strategy of poker in general and Texas Hold’em in particular:

• Poker Rules
• Texas Hold’em Rules
• Texas Hold’em Strategy
• Poker Games

In the last three parts we teach applied beginner strategy for three different Texas Hold’em games:

• Limit Cash Game
• No Limit Cash Game
• SitNGo Tournament

We are extremely thorough on each topic we discourse upon and we have gone to great lengths to ensure that everything plays out in the right order. The focus is on the basics and the applied theory contained in the last three parts of the poker school can easily be traced back to the first four parts.

There are already hundreds of poker players that owe their success to this very pokerschool and their numbers are growing by the hour. You can become part of this poker revolution as well and perhaps even position yourself in its vanguard. We are looking forward to teaching you and watching you succeed.